River Trails are currently suspended till further notice.

Embark on an enriching and educational adventure with our special guided tour. Hear interesting trivia and first-hand experiences from our lively presenter on our river wildlife. You’ll also have the rare chance to get up close with the animals and learn more about them. 

Don’t miss out on these unique encounters. Follow our river trails schedule to enjoy a fun-filled day!

Wild Amazonia^

Wild Amazonia^

Squireel Monkey Forest

12.15pm & 5.15pm

Walk through this forest and see what monkey business our troop of squirrel monkeys are up to!
Amazon Flooded Forest^

Amazon Flooded Forest^

Manatee Exhibit

12.30pm & 5.30pm

Step into the world's largest freshwater aquarium to observe the aquatic wildlife of a submerged Amazon.
^Not available on 1st Monday of every month.

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