Season 1


Counting Calories
If you’re a sugar glider at Night Safari, no worries about your weight – keepers Lixian and Ernie’s got your back!


Managing Munchkins
#DidYouKnow that besides being calm and graceful, manatees can be quite the clown too? Experience their funny antics through our aquarist, Joan!


Dragon Devotion
Many people are scared of insects, but invertebrate keeper Delvin loves them so much, she’s helping our dragon-headed katydids make babies!


Nurturing Neighbours

Who makes great neighbours? You’ll never guess who – it’s orangutans and otters!

Check out how Head Keeper of Orangutans Kumaran created this “neighbourly” match made in heaven.


Captains of the Coast
It’s not every day that you see the close bonds between a penguin and her keeper – sometimes, Pinky the penguin hangs out at the kitchen to watch her keeper Benazir work!


Crocodilian Communicator
Our dogs and cats recognise their names when called. Now meet… Shant the Indian gharial!  But does Shant truly hear when reptile keeper Webster calls out his name?

Poh Shan

Shaping Showstoppers
You’ve been ✨ dazzled ✨ by our show animals’ many superpowers – but just because they can display them, doesn’t mean they will. Come behind the scenes to see how it’s done – with the help of Shannie the binturong and Poh Shan the Animal Presenter!


Listen and Learn
Shant the Indian gharial wowed us with his listening skills in Episode 7. Now, let’s see how Saan the giant freshwater stingray learns sound conditioning from her aquarist Hafiz!


Flying High with Feathered Friends
Despite his hearing disability, Razali rose through the ranks in his last 25 years at Jurong Bird Park to become Deputy Head Keeper and revered bird whisperer. Here’s his inspiring story!

Season 2


Splish Splash Pals
When it comes to training sea lions, Nok our senior trainer only has one word – patience! See how he gains our sea lions’ trust to condition them for some very important vet check-ups.


The Last Sanctuary
In Jurong Bird Park, we have some VIPs – Very Important Parrots. And caring for them is no easy feat. Watch to see how one of our parrot keepers, Zaid, does it.


Black-white Beauties
Training Dian is pretty smooth-sailing for her keepers thanks to her greatest motivation – food! Watch how our Malayan tapir keeper, Lavanya, trains Dian for regular body checks.


Auspicious Friends
What do you call a panda with a sunburn? Let our keeper Faizah tell you the answer and at the same time show you how we care for this adorable creature.


For the Long Run
Ensuring Deka our cheetah is healthy takes plenty of effort for the long run. See how Kughan and his team bond with Deka.

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