Head Keeper, Great Ape section (Primate 1) - Carnivore section, Zoology, Night Safari

Kughan Krishnan

Kughan Krishnan is the Head Keeper for the Carnivore section in Night Safari. The animals under his team’s care include Malayan tiger, red dhole, Indian wolf and Asiatic black bear. Apart from normal husbandry, report writings, data collections, enrichments, trainings, guest interactions, Kughan gets involved in exhibit and back of house refurbish, upgrade works and does duty supervisor (ZDO) duties.

Kughan also interacts with guests and tries his best to educate them on animal conservation in the wild. He was involved in the MyCAT conservation project in Malaysia where he learned how Malayan tigers in the wild are affected by deforestations and poaching. Through his exposure, he has gained knowledge of the tigers’ natural landscape and how it could be applied for the exhibit within our park.

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