Soft Toy Hospital offers soft toy cleaning, restoration and repair services. It is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly safe and hygienic soft toys for everyone to enjoy and to nurse one’s beloved toy back to health.

Through our paid Cleaning and Restoration workshops, it creates an opportunity for participants to enjoy a hands-on experience where they will learn how to clean and repair their own toy! Each workshop offers different key takeaway message for children and adults. Not all soft toys are the same!

Our friendly and passionate ‘Doctors’ of Soft Toy Hospital will share their expertise and provide useful tips too!

Soft Toy Restoration Workshop

Soft Toy Restoration Workshop

9 Dec 2023 (Sat)

10:00am, 1:30pm & 4:00pm (90 mins per session)

Our Restoration Workshop allows you to acquire skills such as unstitching and stuffing to restore your toy in the "operating theatre".

Restore your favorite soft toy to the desired condition and give your animal soft toy a new lease of life.

Soft Toy Cleaning Workshop

Soft Toy Cleaning Workshop

Our Cleaning Workshop provides interesting insights showcasing steps to care for your favorite soft toy so they can last longer. Participants will learn how to better take care of their animal plush toy like how our dedicated zookeeper and veterinary care for our animals here at Mandai Wildlife Group.

This workshop is suitable for children between 6 – 12 years old.

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshop.

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