Feel the excitement as the animals eat out of your hand.

All proceeds will help to fund our wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

The token feeding sessions are subject to availability, based on a first-come-first-served basis. We seek your understanding that once full, we will be unable to accept more guests.

Please book the feeding session online and arrive 15 minutes before the feeding time.


Elephant Feeding

Elephants Of Asia
9:30am, 11:45am & 4:30pm

Grab a basket of our elephants’ favourite treats and come face-to-trunk with our herd. Marvel as these gentle giants stretch their trunks out to take the treat from your hand.


Giraffe Feeding

Wild Africa
10:45am, 1:50pm & 3:45pm

Meet Marco and Jubilee the giraffes up-close and feel what it’s like to have a giraffe eat out of your hand!


Goat Feeding

Rainforest KidzWorld
11:30am & 3:30pm

Let your kids meet our kids! With our goats’ favourite treats in hand, come say hi to them as they bound over to feed from you.


White Rhinoceros Feeding

Wild Africa

Don’t miss out on this rare close encounter with these magnificent creatures! Hold a honeydew slice to their mouths and feel their breath on your hand as they gently take the treat from you.


Giant Tortoise Feeding

Reptile Garden

Climb into the home of our long-living residents for an intimate encounter! Get close enough to feel the scutes of their shells, and hand-feed them with yummy cherry tomatoes.


Zebra Feeding

Wild Africa
10:15am & 2:15pm

Get up-close and handfeed our Grevy's zebras, an experience as unique as these strikingly-patterned animals.

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