Your symbolic adoption supports us in our efforts to care for the well-being of our animals. In particular, it helps support the purchase of enriching items such as toys and treats, as well as medical equipment to give them top notch healthcare.

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As part of our commitment to enhance your adoption journey, we are thrilled to announce our latest pilot initiative—the Adopters’ Portal—a dedicated digital experience to keep adopters connected to their adopted animals.

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African Penguins

Bella is a curious penguin whose affectionate nature endears her to many. She loves to explore new ground by foot and occasionally when her keepers feel like spoiling her, they pull her around on a wagon.



Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Originally from Mauritius, Coco has a reserved and gentle nature, and loves spending time under the shade. Weighing about 120kg, she is known to our keepers for being a foodie — and boy does she move fast during meal times!



Eastern Grey Kangaroo

The biggest of the mob, Rambo is a foodie who absolutely loves his vegetable pellets. He is also very affectionate and loves a good chest and neck rub from his keepers. Rambo spends most of his time chilling in the shade, or grooming his best friend, Hana.



Red Ruffed Lemur

Bosco was born in Singapore Zoo in 2009. His favourite activities include sunbathing while lying on the vines as well as climbing up the tall palm leaves in his exhibit. As a two-time dad, he is experienced and confident in protecting his offspring, thus allowing his trusted keepers to enter and supervise his young, while he moves away for some peace and quiet. As male lemurs do, he plays a lesser role in child-rearing when compared to his mate, Minnie.


Ah Meng

Sumatran Orangutan

Named after her well-loved grandmother, Ah Meng is sociable and affectionate, and cares deeply for the other orang utans in her group. She enjoys the occasional durian treat, and is observed to be very particular about cleanliness.



Pygmy Hippopotamus

The princess of the lower hippo pool, Psota hails from a Polish zoo. The bossy lass loves to assert herself on her mate Divo from time to time, to show him who's boss. The couple has a love-hate relationship which is steering more towards the love side of things. Her favourite pastime is munching on her favourite food - corn & sweet potato.



Rex Rabbit

Ronnie is an extroverted rabbit who thinks he’s a human. He loves cuddles and hanging out on his keepers’ laps.



California Sea Lion

The star performer in our Splash Safari presentation, Pedro is highly intelligent. He has been conditioned to hold still for routine X-rays, on condition that he is rewarded with his favourite food of ice and fishes, afterwards.



Two-Toed Sloth

The elusive Bunny loves to snooze and play hide-&-seek in the Fragile Forest. Once in a while, he chooses a new hiding spot that sends his keepers in a tizzy to find him. As a millennial sloth,  he is savvy with social media and has his own Instagram account (Follow @bunnythesloth)!

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