What better way to enjoy a night out in the wild than to embark on a Safari Adventure Tour? You and your companions can go on a cosy buggy-and-walking adventure in the company of an expert guide. Hear insider stories about our animals or ask burning questions you might have on our wildlife.

Night Safari is being upgraded as we prepare to bring you more wildlife experiences. The park remains open, and we are extending local WildPass holders and tourists discounts*. 

Creatures of the Night presentation is not available from 31 Oct onwards till further notice. Stay tuned for more updates!

Price ($)
S$ 560
WildPass members
S$ 504
S$ 448
  1. Tours sold are strictly non-refundable.
  2. Tour price excludes park admission tickets, which must be purchased separately prior to the tour.
  3. Tours may be altered or cancelled due to weather conditions, animal health and/or safety concerns.
  4. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the tour.
  5. Participants are to arrive at least 5 minutes before tour start time at the Night Safari Reception Counter. Late arrivals may miss certain tour components.
  6. Photo opportunities are allowed only at authorized photography areas.

What Others Are Saying

We went all in for the experience. Heard about the rave reviews of the night safari. We took it a step further and did the personal adventure tour. While the price is high - the value is outstanding. We had a personal guide (Fahmi) who gave us a really up close experience with the animals. You can also avoid the lines and get to know the zoo from a much different perspective. for a family of 5 - this was expensive. But if we decided - if we are going to do it - let's do it right. No regrets. Just more great memories. 


Fahmi was tops!!!


A must experience in Singapore


As reviewed on TripAdvisor by Mike54BU in January 2019

Two Thumbs Up! Captain Xithee is the best! Information and entertaining. A must join program which my kids love most


As reviewed on TripAdvisor by JTMW in November 2018.

We would like to say how amazing & wonderful Emmy Mohamed Bin Nenpari and the jeep tour guide were. They were professional and very informative about the Night Zoo and made it a very special experience for us all as a family. Thank you very much Emmy with your genuine kindness shown to us, you were fantastic and we hope we will again visit the zoo soon. We would highly recommend a jeep tour rather than the train as it’s quieter and the animals come towards you thinking we are going to feed them (they recognise the jeep as having Zookeepers ready to feed them).

Is was almost like a real safari in the wilderness. Great memories.


As reviewed on TripAdvisor by H5ofus in August 2019 

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