Usher in the Year of the Dragon with us from 9 – 25 February! Join us to celebrate the festivities with our star animals, participate in exciting activities and learn about your zoo-diac predictions.

Wishing you joy and prosperity all year 龙 (lóng)!

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Festive Activities

Festive Animal Presentations

Festive Animal Presentations


Splash Safari & Rainforest Fights Back at Singapore Zoo

Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre, Singapore Zoo
10 – 25 Feb
10:30am & 5:00pm (Splash Safari), 12:00pm & 2:30pm (Rainforest Fights Back)

Celebrate the lunar festivities with our animals at the Singapore Zoo! Watch them usher in the Lunar New Year with well wishes!

Presentation Times
Splash Safari: 10:30am & 5:00pm
Rainforest Fights Back: 12:00pm & 2:30pm


Once Upon a River at River Wonders

Boat Plaza, River Wonders
10 – 25 Feb
11:30am, 2:30pm & 4:30pm

Watch our adorable capybaras usher in the Lunar New Year with well wishes! Our African Grey Parrots will be picking out some lucky numbers too!


Wings of the World at Bird Paradise

Sky Amphitheatre, Bird Paradise
10 – 25 Feb
12:30pm & 5:00pm

Celebrate the new year with our feathered friends! Receive a red packet delivered by Sassy, our Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, a 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' greeting from Amigo, our Amazon Parrot, and much more!

Star Animal Enrichment & Keeper Talks


Star Animal Enrichment, Feeding & Keeper Talk — Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon Exhibit, Reptile Garden, Singapore Zoo
10 & 17 Feb (Enrichment), 11 & 18 Feb (Feeding & Keeper Talk)
3:00pm (15 – 20 mins)

Watch our Komodo Dragon in action through its enrichment session with our keepers and find out lesser-known facts about them!


Star Animal Feeding & Keeper Talk — Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragon Exhibit, River Wonders
10, 11, 17 & 18 Feb

Look forward to a feeding session and learn fun facts about our Chinese Water Dragon from our friendly keepers!


Star Animal Feeding & Keeper Talk — Indian Gharial

Indian Gharial Exhibit , Fishing Cat Trail, Night Safari
11, 15 & 18 Feb
8:45pm (10 – 15min)

Look forward to a feeding session and learn fun facts about our Indian Gharial from our friendly keepers!


Star Animal Feeding & Keeper Talk — Southern Cassowary

Mysterious Papua, Bird Paradise
10, 11, 17 & 18 Feb

Get up close and watch our Southern Cassowaries wish you a Happy New Year! Learn interesting facts about them from our friendly keepers.

Festive Activities


All About Dragons Educational Booths

Singapore Zoo Entrance
9 Feb (until 1:00pm only), 10 – 12 Feb, 17 – 18 Feb & 24 – 25 Feb
10:00am – 4:00pm

Ever wondered why some animals are named after the mythical Dragon? Or whether Singapore has any dragon-like wildlife? Find out more at our booths!


ZOO-diac Predictions

Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari & Bird Paradise
9 – 25 Feb

Check out your 2024 zodiac predictions and anticipate a prosperous year ahead!


Festive TwiLIGHT Performance

Night Safari Courtyard
10 – 25 Feb
8:15pm & 9:15pm

A dazzling LED performance with Lunar New Year greetings awaits you! Join us and immerse yourself in the spirit of the new year.


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