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Brand new KidzWorld opens in Singapore Zoo and doubles up as the newly-minted home of ‘The Ranger Buddies'

25 Oct 2023
The new KidzWorld, also the Home of the Ranger Buddies, was launched at the Singapore Zoo today by Ms. Jane Ittogi, and Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group, Mr. Mike Barclay. The one-hectare KidzWorld augments Singapore Zoo’s 50-year heritage of providing children and their families with a living classroom to experience animal encounters and plenty of opportunities for playtime. It builds on the strengths of the park’s previous Rainforest KidzWorld (2009) and Children’s World (1991).

At outdoor habitat, Animal Land, kids interact with falabellas among other animals such as goats and pigs. Kids may also chat with their trainers and learn to appreciate these animals in a whole new light.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

A place where learning and fun meet, the experiences have been designed to spark and grow love for animals, wildlife and nature. These range from interactive play, to meeting animals, to a new water maze to dial up the fun.

“Our new children’s experience zone focuses on delivering a world-class petting zoo, combined with a wide array of play and adventure activities”, said Mike Barclay. “We firmly believe that zoos play a pivotal role in instilling a love and respect for nature through meaningful interactions with animals and other nature-based learning experiences. Our aspiration is that developing an affinity for nature will fire up the next generation to become nature stewards who will act for a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.”

KidzWorld is also Home of the Ranger Buddies, an edutainment programme aimed at nurturing every child to become a future-ready and responsible global citizen by driving positive change for themselves, others and the world. With the newly soft-launched Ranger Buddies Quest that features unique interactive park experiences, children may set out from the Base Camp on physical missions to visit outposts, equipped with smart binoculars and a companion app. There are three outposts in KidzWorld where children can discover more about animal health, animal care and animal nutrition. Quest missions and outposts will be gradually added in the coming months and will take the Ranger Buddies on adventures in Singapore Zoo and River Wonders.

By actively participating in the array of Ranger Buddies activities at KidzWorld, children delve into the core of Ranger Buddies Quest where they learn about the seven critical C.O.U.R.A.G.E. strengths or life skills that equip and empower them to be future-ready. These traits correspond to each zone in KidzWorld, for instance, to be undaunted in getting up close with animal friends at the outdoor habitat Animal Land. Please refer to Annex A for more information on C.O.U.R.A.G.E.

In preparing the 250 animal residents (from 30 species) including the Axis Deer, Sulcata Tortoises and ferrets for the move to their new home, the Animal Behaviour and Programmes team started conditioning them in June 2023. The mini migration took place on 21 October 2023 – the horses and dogs walked over to KidzWorld without a hitch, while the deer, chickens and ducks voluntarily entered crates with assistance from their trainers who offered treats as rewards which helped the transition to be as seamless as possible.

Guests can start planning their visit with a two-park bundle to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders at $54 for adults and $38 for children. This is a WildPass promotional bundle which can be purchased from now till 30 December 2023, and is exclusive for locals and applicable for visits from 1 November to 30 December. More information on the KidzWorld opening campaign is in Annex B and online. Ranger Buddies Quest is currently available on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and school holidays. For details on Ranger Buddies Quest and other programmes at KidzWorld, please refer to the attached factsheet or the website.

Today’s launch of the new KidzWorld is a culmination of the Golden ZOObilee celebrations that saw over 330,000 guests visit Singapore Zoo since May 2023 to enjoy events and activities like the ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee Party, Backstage Pass: Incredible Invertebrates tour and the Mandai Wildlife Run.

At the Ranger Buddies Base Camp, get to know Kai and Yara, guardians of the Ranger Buddies universe and explore their hideout which features activities on colouring and virtually picking up trash in the pond.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Guests can swing by Canine Clubhouse in Little Paws and get a chance to snuggle up with our friendly dog residents.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Get your swimsuits ready and indulge in water play at KidzWorld. To get exclusive codes to change the water maze, participate in the animal programmes or purchase the Ranger Buddies bundle at the retail shop. Ranger Buddies will also receive a code for their birthday. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Trainers Natalie and Damien taking falabellas Bollin and Partidor on a stroll out of the previous Rainforest KidzWorld to transition them to their new home. The miniature horses remained calm throughout and attracted many curious stares from guests. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

ANNEX A – C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Strengths and Zones in KidzWorld


C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Strength

Zone in KidzWorld


Engage in sensory exploration at two treehouses, one inspired by the natural environment while the other features play elements that mimic sounds of nature.


In place of the Animal Friends presentation at the previous Rainforest KidzWorld amphitheatre, guests can now swing by Animal Buddies to catch short presentations featuring animals such as falabellas, goats and pigs and get moving through uplifting mass dance.


In this outdoor exhibit, be brave and get up close with animals like Axis deer, pigs, tortoises, falabellas and goats as well as chat with the friendly trainers.


Observe the Indian crested porcupine, skunks and macaws in their naturalistic habitat. As part of animal care, enrichment activities including the use of recycled materials are regularly planned for animals to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.


Have a splashing good time as you navigate the randomly changing water maze patterns. Selected Ranger Buddies will be able to enter a special code into the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. launch pad and control the maze patterns.


It’s game on! Learn about wildlife and how animals are cared for in our wildlife parks. Persevere and complete missions around KidzWorld with the Ranger Buddies Quest binoculars.


Get a chance to show your love to the furry residents at Kitty Corner, Canine Clubhouse and Rabbit Patch.

ANNEX B – KidzWorld Launch Campaign




Ranger Buddies First Explorer Mission


Buckle up to explore the new KidzWorld! Pick up the mission map at the KidzWorld entrance and complete at least one activity in each of the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. zones to redeem a limited edition commemorative pin (separate from Ranger Buddies Quest mission).


*Show Ranger Buddies web app profile or Ranger Buddies Quest app

Venue: Around KidzWorld

Date: 1 Nov 2023 – 1 Jan 2024

*Members can embark on the mission earlier on 28 and 29 Oct 2023

Time: 9am – 6pm





2-Park Wildlife Wonders Bundle


Visit Singapore Zoo and River Wonders with the 2-park bundle at 40% off ($54 for adults and $38 for children).


*Valid for local residents with WildPass and same-day admission only. T&Cs apply.

Venue: Singapore Zoo, River Wonders

Date: 25 Oct – 30 Dec 2023, for visits from 1 Nov – 30 Dec 2023 excluding 24 and 25 Dec 2023


Ranger Buddies Quest Smart Binoculars Rental


Rental of the Ranger Buddies Quest binoculars is available online as an add-on to park admission tickets.


Up till 30 Nov, Friends of Wildlife members and the public enjoy soft launch rates of $10 and $12 respectively. From 1 Dec, the regular rate of $15 applies to the public. Friends of Wildlife members and WildPass holders get to rent the binoculars at $12 and $13.50 respectively.


*Binoculars rental and Ranger Buddies Base Camp are available/open on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and school holidays.

Venue: KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo

Date: From 28 Oct 2023

Exclusive Umbrella with Membership Sign-up


Receive a Mandai Wildlife Reserve umbrella with every Friends of Wildlife or Friends of Wildlife Plus (Individual Adult / Family) membership sign-up.


*Limited to first 500 sign-ups. T&Cs apply.

Date: 1 – 5 Nov 2023

Friends of Wildlife Promotion for Ranger Buddies Members


Receive an exclusive Friends of Wildlife Tote Bag together with a Ranger Buddies bucket hat and pin set with every Friends of Wildlife or Friends of Wildlife Plus (Individual Adult / Family) membership sign-up.


*Limited to first 100 Ranger Buddies members who sign up for FOW/FOW Plus. T&Cs apply.

Date: 3 – 7 Nov 2023

Zoo Adventure Tour


Step aboard your private buggy and let your wildlife guide bring you closer to wildlife. Your personalised itinerary will now include a stop at the new KidzWorld.

Date: From 13 Nov 2023

Zookeeper for a Day


Meet the stars of KidzWorld’s Animal Land. Take part in a training session with the team or have a go at food preparation and basic husbandry duties.

Date: From 18 Nov 2023

Wild Birthday PLUS


Embark on a wild adventure for your child's birthday at Singapore Zoo. Enjoy a leisurely tram ride with a personal guide, exciting animal encounters as well as exclusive walking tours in the brand new KidzWorld.

Date: From 1 Dec 2023

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