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Good Threads to sow conversations about daily wear and making a different fashion and lifestyle statement

15 Feb 2024
Good Threads is weaving hearts and minds together to think about how to enjoy fashion differently and inspire daily action to reduce waste. In promoting consumption that is considerate towards the planet, Good Threads is a capsule collection uniquely and purposefully crafted to make it easy and convenient for its wearer to make eco-friendly choices a daily habit.

Good Threads is a capsule collection of 200 multi-functional apparel designed for conscious urban living.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

The capsule elevates the concept of ‘performance wear’ in the urban jungle by incorporating elements of functionality designed for conscious urban living – pants to put away trash for recycling later, shorts that come with a detachable reusable tote bag, a bucket hat that doubles as a bag, and a shirt with storage compartments for holding reusable cutlery, a water bottle and more. Good Threads was developed over six months and produced in collaboration with Hakim Samat, a local craftsman known for his stylish, upcycled creations.

“In the hustle and bustle of daily life, mindful actions like recycling and using fewer single-use plastics may inadvertently take a backseat sometimes, despite our best intentions. Good Threads sows the idea that daily consumption habits which are thoughtful of the planet can be effortless, and in this instance, even fashionable. Through personal choices, each of us can reap a more sustainable lifestyle. Manifest and multiply a personal mantra such as this, and we can fashion change together,” said Suzanne Ho, Senior Vice President, Brand & Communications, Mandai Wildlife Group.

She added, “Fashion is much loved by many. More than a style preference, it’s a personal statement and an identity. It can therefore wield power to influence how we think about clothing and perhaps reconsider the need to consume wave after wave of clothes and fashion accessories.”

Good Threads was crafted from 1,158 pieces of pre-loved clothing and salvaged materials weighing approximately 108kg from local thrift shops - honsieponsie, Function Five Thrift Shop and Woofie’s Warehouse, and from a textile collection drive initiated by social networks of friends and co-workers. Each garment was stitched together with fastenings and hardware such as buttons and carabiner hooks sourced from Plastify, a Singapore-born startup that has made recycled plastic waste its business.

Good Threads is an extension of Mandai Wildlife Group’s ‘Choose Good with Mandai’ campaign to raise awareness about how people can collectively protect nature and wildlife by making conscious choices daily. Previously, Choose Good with Mandai shone the spotlight on food and gaming to share simple ways to personalise how we can lower our impact on the environment. It has turned to fashion this year, as another major facet of everyday life and a popular medium for social commentary on how fashion choices can help shape a more sustainable lifestyle.

Good Threads will fully debut in three phases. The first launch goes public today, followed by subsequent releases on 8 March and 28 March 2024. All items will be available exclusively for sale on goodthreadsbymandai.sg. All proceeds from the sale of Good Threads will go towards supporting wildlife conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

For more information on Good Threads and the Choose Good with Mandai campaign, please visit mandai.com/goodthreads. For campaign hashtags, kindly include #ChoosegoodwithMandai and #Choosegoodthreads

The Takeaway Shirt
Designed with multi-compartments
for the wearer to keep their reusables handy. Whether it is for a water bottle or reusable utensils and containers, this shirt has a pocket for it all. The shirt also comes with a convertible pocket-bottle sling.

This item comes in Medium and Large. Priced at $139. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

The Trashy Pants

With a dual pocket organiser that allows the wearer to separate paper from plastics and a removable trash pouch, there is no reason to leave any litter behind.

Both the trash pouch and organiser can be washed separately to prevent excessive washes. The pants also come with expandable pockets and loops to hold mini tongs for picking trash.

This item comes in Small-Medium and Large-Extra Large with an adjustable waist. Priced at $159.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

The Tote Shorts

The pair of shorts comes with a detachable tote bag for multiple functions like that unplanned grocery run, and upcycled plastic hooks to secure anything and everything.

This item comes in Small-Medium and Large-Extra Large with an adjustable waist. Priced at $119.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

The Bucket-Bag Hat
Innovatively designed with convertible functions, this item is both a bucket-hat and a bucket-bag.

This item is free-sized and is priced at $79.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

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