Mandai Wildlife Group joins Global Sustainable Tourism Council

18 Sep 2023
Mandai Wildlife Group is the steward of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a wildlife and nature destination in northern Singapore. It is home to a variety of wildlife parks including Bird Paradise, Night Safari, River Wonders and Singapore Zoo, connecting visitors to the diverse world of wildlife.

Sustainability Commitment

Over five decades, the organisation has grown in its role as a zoological institution and increasingly brings to bear actions that are guided by the principles of conservation and sustainability. Mandai Wildlife Group’s stated purpose is to foster a future where sustainable populations of wildlife and human communities coexist and thrive together within functioning ecosystems.  Recognising that biodiversity protection and sustainability are intricately linked and critical in mitigating threats to climate change, the Group is intentional about reducing its impact on the environment and doing its part to secure a future that is sustainable. 

It has committed to reducing its organisation-wide greenhouse gas emissions at a pace and scale required by climate science to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This commitment is upheld through active tracking and review of its carbon footprint, as they work to steward the Mandai Wildlife Reserve into a carbon-neutral precinct by 2024 and subsequently Net Zero. To meet the Group’s core objectives of protecting nature and supporting a low carbon future, its Environmental Sustainability Strategy comprises three strategic pillars: Sustainable Operations, Biodiversity Protection and Sustainability Advocacy. In its commitment to sustainability, the Group focuses on three pillars – proactively managing operations, consciously designing new developments, practising and advocating a green lifestyle amongst its stakeholders and the public.

Bird Paradise, the newest wildlife park to open at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, has been thoughtfully designed from the onset to incorporate sustainability features including solar panels, energy efficient systems and rainwater harvesting to reduce operational impact on the environment.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

To reduce its carbon footprint, the Group has a target of converting 100% of its internal fleet by 2030 to electric vehicles or vehicles with low carbon fuel. Trams and buggies currently used in the parks have all been electrified. In addition, the Group has pledged to attain 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. To reduce potable water usage, the Group constructed two wastewater recycling facilities using membrane technology to treat and convert wastewater into high-quality recycled water suitable for non-potable uses in its new wildlife parks. The Group has a near-term target to achieve a 60% waste diversion rate from incineration by 2030. To reduce waste in its operations, single-used plastic carrier bags and bottle drinks were removed.

Responsible procurement is a strategic focus of the Group and a Green Procurement Policy was introduced in 2019 to ensure materials are obtained responsibly. Sustainability criteria were established for more than 20 product categories – from wood and paper products to food-related categories such as palm oil, seafood and tea. This also helps to encourage responsible consumerism through the parks’ F&B and Retail Outlets. 

Mandai Wildlife Group aims to create lasting positive impact for biodiversity, be it through sustainable operations or in providing the highest level of care for the animals they look after, but also extending treatment and rehabilitation for wildlife brought in from around Singapore to its animal hospital which is one of the country’s designated rescued wildlife centres. The Group also provides in-kind support and funding for conservation work in Singapore and across Southeast Asia through its conservation arm, Mandai Nature. Click here to view their 2022-23 Impact Report.

Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group said, “Becoming a member of GSTC marks an exciting chapter in our ongoing journey to a more sustainable future.  This goes hand-in-hand with our actions to promote people and wildlife thriving together at a time of accelerating biodiversity loss, and our push for a nature-positive world.  We look forward to working with the GSTC community to advance the case for sustainable travel and tourism through the innovative adoption of sustainable best practices.”

GSTC Welcomes Mandai Wildlife Group

We welcome Mandai Wildlife Group as a new member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. We look forward to supporting their continued efforts with a holistic approach to sustainable practices,” says Randy Durband, GSTC CEO.

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