Singapore's Bird Paradise marks its grand opening

15 Nov 2023
Bird Paradise ‘hatched’ a grand opening today with a ‘giant egg’ and ‘hatchlings’, six months after Singapore’s new bird park took flight. The milestone event was officiated by Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister for Finance, Lawrence Wong, who was joined by around 1,000 guests including Bird Paradise’s partners and sponsors, as well as community residents from the neighbouring Northwest and Southeast Community Development Councils (CDCs). All guests received a commemorative stamp collection set, which was specially unveiled in conjunction with Singapore Post Limited (SingPost).

Image 1: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Lawrence Wong, officiating the grand opening of Bird Paradise at the 2,000-seater Sky Amphitheatre with Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings, Mr Chaly Mah, Chairman of Singapore Tourism Board, Ms Chong Siak Ching, Board of Director of Mandai Park Holdings, Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group, and Ms Neo Su Yin, SingPost CEO. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Since it soft opened on 8 May this year, the park, which is located at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, has welcomed more than 600,000 local and international visitors.

Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group said: “I would like to thank our partners and key sponsors for journeying with us to deliver this outstanding bird park, together with a best-in-class avian hospital and extensive bird breeding facilities”. He added, “Bird Paradise and the Mandai Wildlife West public space outside of this park, are amongst the first features to open as part of our Mandai Rejuvenation Project. We have a long-term vision to transform the Mandai Wildlife Reserve into a world-leading nature and wildlife destination, to be a jewel in the crown of our City in Nature.”

Mandai Wildlife Group has also launched several new initiatives that will enrich the learning experience of park-goers and create more immersive opportunities for people to connect with the park’s animal residents and their carers.


Peek into avian care with new programmes and offerings

Today also marked the opening of a new Breeding and Research Centre located next to Winged Sanctuary, which features species of high conservation value. Park-goers can have a glimpse behind-the-scenes to learn what goes into caring for the park’s feathered residents. Over at the nursery, guests will get a chance to see chicks being hand-raised to maximise their chances of survival. 

Making its debut - Glamping with the Penguins, is an all-new, two-day-one-night glamping experience. For the first time, guests will spend a night in Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove in glamping bell tents. Guests will begin their journey with reserved seating to watch the exciting Wings of the World presentation followed by a scrumptious dinner, before winding down with the penguins. Each tent is suitable for a family of four who can cosy up together. They will also get to enjoy a special showcase of the breathtaking Southern Lights in hues of blues and greens that light up the penguins’ exhibit.

The next morning, glampers will set out to Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa for a guided tour of the aviaries. There will also be special access to off-exhibit facilities like the nutrition centre and avian hospital to learn about avian care at Bird Paradise, before winding up the glamping stay with a hearty lunch at Crimson. More information on this glamping experience can be found on our website.

Commemorating a Singapore icon

Image 2: Bird Paradise Commemorative Stamp Collection launched by SingPost in collaboration with Mandai Wildlife Group. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group and SingPost

Mandai Wildlife Group, in partnership with SingPost, also unveiled a limited-edition commemorative stamp set. Three of the stamp designs features some of the park’s most threatened species - the Negros Bleeding-heart Dove, Philippine Eagle and the Knobbed Hornbill. The remaining three designs were inspired by the park’s most iconic aviaries, the Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands, Kuok Group Wings of Asia and Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa, highlighting the captivating avian residents that call these habitats home. 

To celebrate the grand opening of Bird Paradise, local residents can also look forward to a suite of activities and promotions under the opening campaign theme of “Invitation to Paradise” from now till 31 December 2023. For more information, visit this link.

Image 3: DPM Lawrence Wong at the Breeding and Research Centre next to Winged Sanctuary

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 4:  DPM Lawrence Wong speaking to Keeper Chris Yeo at the Breeding and Research Centre next to Winged Sanctuary

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 5:  Launch mechanism at Sky Amphitheatre

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 6: Delivery of postcard with Bird Paradise Commemorative Stamp from Sassy, the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, to DPM Lawrence Wong

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 7: New volunteer segment with STB Chairman Mr Chaly Mah (far right), Mandai Park Holdings Chairman Mr S. Dhanabalan (centre), and President of Obayashi Mr Kenji Hasuwa (far left)

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Image 8: Members of the public enjoying special “Wings of the World” and “Predators on Wings” animal presentation

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

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