Community Groups Add Finishing Touches To The Mandai Wildlife Bridge

23 DEC 2019
For the first time in 60 years, the two forest patches of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) on both sides of Mandai Lake Road are being reconnected by a newly completed Mandai Wildlife Bridge. Situated within the buffer zones of the development, the bridge provides a safe passage for wildlife crossings.
Throughout the month of November 2019, nearly 90 volunteers from companies including Panasonic Asia Pacific, Lam Soon Singapore, and Temasek rolled up their sleeves for nature and joined in the tree planting process on the bridge.
HAND IN HANDMr Yoshinori Yamana, Managing Director of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific, with Ms Belina Lee, Chief Strategy and Innovation of Wildlife Reserves Singapore planting a sapling on the Mandai Wildlife Bridge. (PHOTO: Mandai Park Holdings)
The participants planted a variety of native plant species that would encourage animals to use the crossing. The desired outcome is a multi-layered forest structure that provides vegetation cover for shy, forest-dependent animals to move across the landscape. Fruit and flowering trees would also help to facilitate the movement of small and large birds.
“The opportunity to lay the final touches at Mandai, a key partner of Panasonic, provided me and the team with more insights about nature and growing a forest. We were astounded by the lengths that the team has gone into developing the new Mandai Wildlife Precinct. I’m confident that it will benefit both visitors and wildlife,” said Yoshinori Yamana, Managing Director of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific.
Gary Tan, Head of Business Development of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific, added, “Personally, it has been an absolute pleasure and experience to be part of the entourage. Most notable was the briefing sessions prior to the actual tree-planting, which certainly was an eye-opener in terms of the extent that Mandai has taken, with regards to being socially responsible.”
SAFE AND SOUNDThese saplings will grow into trees and serve as a canopy cover to encourage shy and forest dependent wildlife such as pangolins and mousedeer, to use the wildlife bridge. (Photo: Mandai Park Holdings)
THE TOUCH OF NATUREParticipants giving their full attention to the planting demonstration where they learnt the delicate steps to planting a sapling.  
LITTLE SAPLINGSThese saplings are among the dozens of species of plants that will be planted on the Mandai Wildlife Bridge, which will encourage the wildlife to use the bridge as a means of crossing to the other side of the nature reserve.
RAIN OR SHINEAll 25 participants from Lam Soon Singapore braved the rainy weather and planted more than 60 saplings and trees as part of their contribution to the Mandai Wildlife Bridge under the NooTrees brand campaign.
TEAM EFFORTMr Chua Yeow Cheong, Sales Director, and Ms Sulina Tsai, Marketing Director of Lam Soon Singapore doing their part for wildlife on the Mandai Wildlife Bridge.
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