Dragons and mythical beasts come alive at Singapore Zoo

25 OCT 2018
Here be Dragons. The flying reptiles of legend and other mythical beasts have descended upon Singapore Zoo. Not to plunder and destroy, but to awe and inspire. Enter the Valley of Myths and come face-to-snout with 17 creatures from fantasy and folklore like the Unicorn, Phoenix and of course, Dragons from 17 Nov – 31 Dec 2018.

This holiday season, enter the realm of Dragons and mythical beasts at Singapore Zoo. Marvel as the beasts of your wildest imaginations like the Unicorn, Phoenix and Dragons come alive. Unravel the mysteries of how creatures of mythology were inspired by living animals. Themed activities happen every weekend from 17 Nov – 31 Dec 2018, and on Christmas Day.



How could the legend of the one-eyed giant, the Cyclops, have originated from a modern living animal? Embark on the Creature Researcher Trail to find out how fantastical creatures were inspired by discoveries of modern animals, their appearance and the amazing abilities. See the legendary beasts come alive with animatronic movements and soundscapes, then uncover their real-life connections by visiting the animals that inspired them. Record your research findings in your complimentary trail map to redeem an exclusive prize.

Which animal can match the Basilisk’s ability to kill in a single glance? Take on the Who inspired who? challenges at the game booths to discover how the unbelievable powers of the mythical beasts were influenced by equally amazing adaptations of living animals. Complete all three challenges to redeem an exclusive collectible pin. After basking in the glory of the larger-than-life dragons, don’t forget that real-life dragons do exist! Meet our friendly Bearded Dragons at interactive sessions. Mythical beast-themed activities happen weekends of 17 November to 31 December 2018, and on Christmas Day.

Apart from fire-breathing dragons, Singapore Zoo will host some icy visitors from beyond the wall. In collaboration with HBO Asia, Singapore Zoo will for the first time ever, display a 3D replica of Viserion, the Night King’s Ice Dragon from the hit HBO Original series GAME OF THRONES. Stream the entire series on HBO GO (https://www.hbogoasia.sg). Mark your calendars as the Night King himself and his White Walkers will be making special appearances on 17, 18, 24 and 25 November 2018.

Between 17 November to 31 December 2018, local residents also enjoy greater savings online—receive 45 per cent off second admission to Singapore Zoo with every paying adult. Terms and conditions apply.

Details at a glance:

Dragons & Mythical Beasts

Date:      17 Nov – 31 Dec 2018

Time:      8.30am – 6.00pm

Venue:   Singapore Zoo

              80 Mandai Lake Road

              Singapore 729826

Cost:      Normal admission of $35 for adults and $23 for children 3-12 years applies

For more information, visit www.dragonsandbeasts.sg



Valley of Myths

Be surrounded by towering Dragons, Unicorns, Griffins and many other mythical beasts inspired by cultures and animals around the world. Draw your own conclusion whether they are real or just a figment of imagination.

Dates: 17 Nov – 31 Dec (daily)
Time: 8.30am – 6.00pm

Venue: Near Otter exhibit

Game of Thrones

Winter has come to Singapore Zoo. For the first time ever, muster up the courage and get up-close to the Night King’s Ice Dragon* in the flesh.

*Ice Dragon is a 3D replica

Dates: 17 Nov – 31 Dec (daily)

Time: 8.30am – 6.00pm

Venue: Near Otter exhibit

Meet the Night King and White Walkers

Feel the breath of cold air, the Night King and his White Walkers are here for his Ice Dragon. Make sure you have your cameras ready for this rare occasion.

Dates: 17, 18, 24 & 25 Nov

Time: 11.00am & 2.00pm
Venue: Near Otter exhibit


Creature Researcher Trail

Become a Creature Researcher and set off on an adventure to uncover the real-life animals that inspired Dragons and other mythical creatures! Follow the clues and record your findings to redeem an exciting prize.

Date: 17 Nov – 31 Dec (weekends only), 25 Dec (Christmas Day)

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue: Dragon’s Nest (Pavilion opposite Babirusa exhibit)

Meet a Real-life Dragon

Feel the thrill of getting up close to a real Dragon! Drop by for a memorable encounter with the friendly Bearded Dragon.


Date: 17 Nov – 31 Dec (weekends only), 25 Dec (Christmas Day)

Time: 10.15am & 1.30pm (approximately 20 mins each session)

Venue: Dragon’s Nest (Pavilion opposite Babirusa exhibit)

Who inspired Who? Game Challenge

Stories of mythical beasts have always taken inspiration from real-world animals. Play through the 3 game stations to find out how reality made myth!

Complete the games to redeem an exclusive collectible pin from us! While stock lasts.

Date: 17 Nov – 31 Dec (weekends only)

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue: Frozen Tundra



Dragons and Unicorn Craft      

Magical, Mythical and even Mystical. Get hands on and express your creativity through Dragon and unicorn crafts!

Date: 17 Nov – 31 Dec (weekends only)

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue: Frozen Tundra

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