Mandai Park Holdings Enhances Mitigation Measures for Mandai Rejuvenation Project

10 OCT 2016

Revised EIA report to guide Mandai Park Holdings’ detailed development plans

Singapore, 10 October 2016 – In its continuing efforts to promote sustainability and conservation for the rejuvenation of the Mandai area, Mandai Park Holdings (MPH) has incorporated additional mitigation measures in its revised Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. This follows the conclusion of the public consultation round on the EIA for plans to develop Mandai into an integrated nature and wildlife destination. The Government has accepted the revised EIA report and MPH will be embarking on detailed design planning and a wildlife shepherding programme to facilitate the sensitive development of the area.

The month-long public consultation commenced with the release of the EIA on 26 July this year, and involved discussions with members of the public and interested parties such as nature groups. All feedback and suggestions were given due consideration in the finalisation of the revised EIA report, which has subsequently been accepted by the relevant government agencies.

The key refinements and enhanced mitigation measures include the following:

  • MPH will study the possibility of widening the Eco-Link beyond the proposed 30m, in consultation with technical agencies and nature groups.
  • To address concerns about possible noise pollution during construction and operation phases, long-term noise monitoring will be carried out at the fringe of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. In addition, MPH is committed to ensuring that night-time noise levels within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve during the project’s operation phase will be similar to pre-development levels. There will be no night-time construction works.
  • Daily recording and tracking of collection animals will be carried out in the new parks to enable timely recovery and corrective actions in the event of any escapees.
  • The forested strip that currently runs through the middle of the proposed Bird Park site will be maintained as a passageway for wild native birds and arboreal mammals to connect to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.
  • The building footprint for the West Arrival Node will be located at least 10m away from the freshwater stream adjacent to its boundary.
  • Robust biosecurity and disease management procedures will be developed and implemented in consultation with the relevant regulatory agencies to minimise any risk of disease transmission. 

“From the onset, the planning and design of Mandai has been an inclusive and transparent consultative process involving multiple stakeholders,” said Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO of MPH. “We have listened carefully to all the feedback, and strengthened the mitigation measures associated with the project to help ensure we can deliver an enhanced Mandai nature precinct, of which we can all be proud.” 

All mitigation measures for the project identified through the EIA process, along with the responsibilities for monitoring the effective implementation of mitigation measures, are documented in an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP). In consultation with relevant government agencies, the EMMP will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to maintain its relevance to the detailed design, construction and operation plans as these progress through the project’s lifecycle.

An Environmental Advisory Panel, which will include independent subject matter experts from the scientific community, academia, nature groups and private sector, will be established to monitor the effective implementation of the EMMP during the detailed design, construction and operation phases. 

In line with international best practice, the EIA was commissioned by MPH to consider environmental risk and protection measures from the outset as the project master plan was being conceptualised. 

“Following the conclusion of the public gazette period and finalisation of the EIA report, we are very pleased that the government has accepted the revised EIA report. The completion of the EIA process represents a significant milestone in what will be a long journey,” Mr Barclay said.

He added: “We thank the community, nature groups and the many committed individuals who have been part of the journey to date for their advice and robust contribution to ensure the Mandai project is developed in the best way. We take our role as stewards of biodiversity very seriously, and we will continue to work with interested parties to help us deliver on our commitments as the project progresses.” 

MPH will continue to consult the technical agencies and nature groups on the planning and design of the development, to ensure that sustainable and environmental best practices are incorporated. 
MPH also welcomes suggestions from the public on the rejuvenation of Mandai. The final EIA report can be viewed on MPH’s website:

About Mandai Park Holdings (MPH)
MPH is driving the rejuvenation of Mandai into an integrated nature and wildlife destination. MPH also oversees the business and strategic development of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), the operator of Singapore’s award-winning Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari. For more details about the proposed concept for the rejuvenation of Mandai, please visit 


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