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Mandai Wildlife Group and Sony partner up on photography campaign to rediscover Singapore's wildlife parks

21 Feb 2022
Embark on a visual voyage with the ‘Discover Mandai’ campaign launched today by Mandai Wildlife Group in partnership with Sony. ‘Discover Mandai’ invites you to peek into the viewfinders of Sony’s Alpha Photographers and uncover Mandai moments through their eyes and lens as they zoom in to their favourite scenes in Singapore’s wildlife parks.

Giraffes Abstract 2” – Darren Soh captures how a giraffe’s coat is patterned for camouflaging purposes in their natural habitat of the African Savannah.

Photo credit: Darren Soh


Wildlife Appreciation”, photographed by Julian W. who picks up on the various reasons people visit the zoo. He finds a moment with this painter who shows his appreciation for wildlife in his best representation. 

Photo credit: Julian W.

Seven Sony Alpha photographers spent hours in Singapore Zoo and River Wonders watching life unfold and capturing a myriad of perspectives from close ups of a giraffe’s coat to the grin of a lioness and the passion of the people who work daily to protect and care for wildlife. Hop over to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders where some of their favourite pictures are displayed on a photo wall.

Irene Lin, Chief Marketing Officer at Mandai Wildlife Group said, “A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what stories are in store from the lenses of Sony’s Alpha Photographers. Like the colours in a rainbow, the seven viewfinders will bring a kaleidoscope of spontaneous scenes from our wildlife parks. We have a visual feast of still photos, but at the heart of this collection is the pulse of Mandai – the way the animals live, how their caretakers come to life for them each day and the emotions our park brings to guests.”   

Through this campaign, Mandai Wildlife Group and Sony welcome everyone to enjoy the shutterbug in them and snap their personal perspectives of Singapore’s wildlife parks with their own lens.  Budding photographers can meet and interact with Sony’s award-winning Alpha photographers in workshops to be held between March and May. During these sharing sessions, participants will also have a chance to go on a photo-walk with the Alpha photographers.  

With freshly acquired and refined photography skills, anyone can put their creativity to the test on the self-guided photo walk around Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Trace the footsteps of Sony’s Alpha photographers and discover the most photo-worthy spots along the Mandai Photo Trail in Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Be on the lookout for trail markers that indicate a photo spot and recreate the Alpha photographers’ shots or add your personal take to the photos.

Melvin Pang, General Manager, Head of Marketing, Sony South East Asia (Singapore Marketing Company) said, “As a leader in digital imaging, Sony hopes to inspire everyone to capture elusive moments as we discover the world around us. Through the eyes of our Alpha Photographers, we can showcase the incredible diversity at Mandai Wildlife Reserve while sharing tips on wildlife photography to photography enthusiasts and content creators. There’s never been a better time to highlight the beauty of life and this collaboration presents an opportunity for us to celebrate and document nature’s wonders through a variety of perspectives.”

Stand a chance to win a Sony camera and many more attractive prizes with the Discover Mandai photo contest. With four varying categories, budding to seasoned photographers are all welcome to take part in the contest. Submitted photos have a chance of being featured across the display boards at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. The contest is open to everyone and photos do not have to be shot with a Sony camera or device.

Discover Mandai will run from 21 February to 31 May 2022. For more information, please visit https://www.mandai.com/en/discover-mandai.html

The Hero of Weary Feet” – Bryan van der Beek captures photos of the unsung heroes of the Singapore Zoo, including the tram drivers.

Photo credit: Bryan van der Beek

“High Flyer” – The free roaming peacocks are a common sight at Mandai’s wildlife parks. But while they forage on the ground, they also love to live a life high above and hidden amidst the canopy. Chester Chen captures the peacock in its element.

Photo credit: Chester Chen

The Grin” – Kelvin Koh catches the emotion of one of Singapore Zoo’s lions, breaking the stereotypes people have of the lion as a fierce and domineering animal.

Photo credit: Kelvin Koh

“White-faced Saki Preens Herself” – taken at the Fragile Forest in Singapore Zoo, Tripeaksimagery’s Yeo Wee Han and Charmaine Yap relishes in the moment the animal chose to preen itself right in front of them.

Photo credit: Tripeaksimagery

ACTIVITIES AT A GLANCE (21 Feb – 31 May 2022)

For more information on our activities, please visit: https://www.mandai.com/en/discover-mandai.html .



Mandai Photo Wall Showcase

Take a peek into the viewfinders of Sony’s Alpha Photographers and discover Mandai through their eyes, featuring their favourite shots around the parks. Check out their work on display at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders!


●       Singapore Zoo: Ah Meng Restaurant Courtyard

●       River Wonders: Boat Plaza Courtyard

Date: 21 Feb – 31 May 2022

Photo Contest

Stand a chance to win a Sony camera and many more attractive prizes from Sony and Mandai Wildlife Group by submitting your best shot through the Discover Mandai Photo contest!

With up to four categories, budding to seasoned photographers alike are welcome to join! Photo submissions will be displayed at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. 

Venue: Digital Screens

●       Singapore Zoo: Beside Treetops Trail

●       River Wonders: Entrance Courtyard

Date: 21 Feb – 31 May 2022

Photography Workshop

For a more hands-on experience and a chance to interact with Sony’s Alpha photographers, sign up for our photography workshops, with each covering a unique area of photography. You may just discover a newfound interest in photography!

Apply your new skills and capture precious Mandai moments during your trip around the parks. Limited slots available, sign up now. https://bit.ly/discovermandai

Venue: Singapore Zoo/River Wonders Classrooms

Date: 19, 20, 26, 27 Mar, 2, 3, 16, 17 Apr, 7 & 8 May

Time: 9.30 – 11.30 am



*Note that sessions in bold are exclusive for members of Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Mandai Photo Trail

Trace the footsteps of Sony’s Alpha photographers’ journey in capturing the most photo-worthy spots in our parks!

Keep an eye out for trail makers along the way to be inspired to recreate their best shots with tips from the photographers themselves.

Venue: Around Singapore Zoo and River Wonders

Date: 21 Feb – 31 May 2022


FOW Members’ Exclusive

Receive a $50 Sony Store Gift Card with every $500 spent at Sony Store*

*Excluding PlayStation and Games. Terms and conditions apply

Wildpass Members’ Exclusive

$5 promo code off $100 purchase exclusively on Sony Store Online#

#Excluding PlayStation and Games. Terms and conditions apply

Promotion Period: 21 Feb – 31 May 2022. Terms & Conditions apply.

Wild Memories

Enjoy 10% off Digi Photo packages.

Valid for workshop participants. Terms and conditions apply

Promotion Period: 21 Feb – 31 May 2022. Terms & Conditions apply.



Bryan van der Beek

Bryan van der Beek is an award-winning commercial and editorial photographer based in

Singapore. His photographs have appeared in several international publications including Time,

Time Asia, Newsweek and The Washington Post. In addition, his photographs are featured in

the permanent collection of the National Museum of Singapore.


Darren Soh

Born and based in Singapore, Darren has been a full-time independent photographer with a

particular interest in architectural and landscape photography. Over the years, Darren has been

placed in several international photography awards including the Commonwealth Photographic

Awards, the Prix de la Photographie, Paris and the Architectural Photography Awards.


Kelvin Koh

Kelvin Koh is the founder of the highly sought-after wedding photography brand, Lightedpixels. It is the only photography studio to have been awarded Best of Singapore for 14 consecutive years.

He is credited to have popularised wedding photojournalism in Singapore and inspired a generation of wedding photographers in the region.


Tripeaksimagery - Yeo Wee Han & Charmaine Yap

Individually and together, the Tripeaksimagery duo has created notable timelapses and cinematic films, such as "Graphicity", "A Beautiful Day", "For You I Dance" and "Wildlife of Singapore". Besides being curious filmmakers, they are also adventurous landscape photographers and are animal and environmental activists.


Chester Chen

Chester Chen has lived and worked in Toronto, San Francisco and London. He bought a DSLR

in 2006 when his son was born and has since focused on content creation for print and online

publications. He shoots professionally at corporate events, is a brand awareness campaigner,

and licenses his content globally.


Julian W.

Photographer. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Julian W. is a renowned photographer who has worked

with both local and international organisations, including Animal Planet, Asian Geographic, Lonely Planet, HSBC, Sony and many others. He now runs Julian W. Photography and TopLiners Club, combining his passion for photography, teaching and travel in his ideal world.


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