New features of the Mandai rejuvenation project unveiled at Ground-Seeding Ceremony

16 JAN 2017

Singapore, 16 January 2017 – Mandai Park Holdings (MPH) celebrated the start of development work under the Mandai rejuvenation project at its ground-seeding ceremony today. The approved project master plan was revealed to guests at the event graced by Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry), Mr S Iswaran.  

MPH will be augmenting the existing Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari with the addition of a new Bird Park, a Rainforest Park, a nature-themed indoor attraction and accommodation options.

The precinct will be connected by enhanced public spaces, including green landscaped decks in the Arrival Nodes which will be located on either side of the Mandai precinct in the East and West, walking trails within and between the Nodes and boardwalks along the edge of the Upper Seletar Reservoir. The project will make use of impacted land outside the Central Catchment Nature Reserve that has been earmarked for redevelopment since 2008, as well as land currently used by facilities that support Mandai’s three existing nature parks. The Government has accepted the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment, after its conclusion in October last year.

“Reviews and discussions on Mandai’s rejuvenation have been going on for several years with various stakeholders. With the necessary government approvals now obtained, we are delighted to mark this milestone with our partners today”, said Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings.

Arrival nodes
The west arrival node will be the first gateway for visitors to the Mandai nature precinct, leading to the new Bird Park and Rainforest Park. It will feature a landscaped deck spanning across Mandai Lake Road and connecting visitors seamlessly between the two wildlife parks. A beautiful waterfall and paths along a winding forest stream will be a key highlight of this arrival node.

The east arrival node, which is situated deeper into the development, will serve as the forecourt to the new natured-themed indoor attraction, the three existing wildlife parks and the new accommodation options. This arrival node will house a basement transportation hub, creating a vehicle-free environment at ground level for visitors to enjoy public performances and event spaces, as well as green terraces with views of the reservoir.
The east arrival node will be connected to a nature boardwalk that spans the perimeter of the existing attractions, along the Upper Seletar Reservoir. Families and nature lovers can take in scenic views as they stroll along this trail.

Two new parks
In addition, MPH gave a preview of what guests can expect to enjoy at the two new wildlife parks.
The new Bird Park will be a culmination of nearly half a century of wisdom and knowledge gained from operating the world-class Jurong Bird Park. It will combine new visions and ideas enabled by latest technologies.
Inviting guests on a journey into the amazing world of avian wonders, in all their colourful glory and splendour, visitors will be immersed in multiple landscapes and vegetation, to encounter the resident birds, as they would, in the wild. They will traverse from the mysterious rainforests of Africa, Papua New Guinea, and the neo-tropics, through dense Southeast Asian jungle, via Australian bushland to the open marshland, just to name a few.
The avian Living Collection will be one of the most significant to be assembled. It will range from the flamboyant birds-of-paradise thorough the iconic hornbills, the loquacious parrots, to the daintier but musically talented songbirds. Many of these birds are threatened in the wild, and current programmes, which include breed for release, assurance colonies and conservation research projects, will help to ensure that the avian heritage can survive for future generations to enjoy.
Interactive education programmes, including bird presentations and feeding programmes, will allow guests meaningful and close encounters with the birds, to gain a better appreciation of these feathered treasures, and how they may participate in the efforts to protect them.
In keeping with the highest standards of animal welfare and ethical codes, all the birds in the new Bird Park will be able to spread their wings and fly. For example, visitors can look forward to a refreshed avian experience and a world-reference ornithological collection, which will include charismatic species of birds. Visitors can immerse in the naturalistic habitats of a wide variety of free-flying birds, as they explore large walk-through aviaries, themed after different regions of the world. It will be a sanctuary where assurance colonies of precious birds will be preserved, studied and reproduced.
Over at the Rainforest Park, a vertical stratification of experiences will enable visitors to appreciate the sights and sounds of the Southeast Asian Rainforest across multiple tiers – from a cavern below ground, on boardwalks at ground level, and up ramps to aerial walkways that will go as high as the top of the tree canopy. For the more rugged at heart, trekking and adventure activities will literally ‘heighten’ the experience amidst rich foliage.

 “We plan to offer highly differentiated experiences at each of our five wildlife parks, augmented by indoor displays and a variety of food and beverage offerings”, added Mike Barclay, CEO of MPH. “With the attractive public spaces and more opportunities to stay overnight, we hope to encourage families and groups of friends to spend more time enjoying and appreciating Mandai’s extraordinary wildlife offerings.”
Development will be completed in phases, with the Bird Park and Rainforest Park scheduled to open by 2020 and 2021 respectively.
The public can log onto to learn more about the new features of the Mandai project.
About Mandai Park Holdings (MPH)
MPH is driving the rejuvenation of Mandai into an integrated nature and wildlife destination. MPH also oversees the business and strategic development of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), the operator of Singapore’s award-winning Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari. For more details about the proposed concept for the rejuvenation of Mandai, please visit

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