Rainforest Lumina roars in for season two

13 JUN 2019
The mystery and dazzle of Rainforest Lumina is returning to Singapore Zoo with various zone enhancements that promise a scintillating multisensory experience in a luxuriant rainforest setting starting 14 June 2019.

Tairee the white tiger gives a roaring welcome to guests at the start of their journey in the attraction’s first enhancement for season two. Tairee represents courage as part of Rainforest Lumina’s virtual Creature Crew. Rainforest Lumina, Singapore Zoo's illuminated multimedia night walk on the wild side promises a multisensory feast for visitors when it returns for Season Two on 14 June 2019.


Its rich natural backdrop featuring a tropical rainforest makes Singapore Zoo an ideal location for Southeast Asia’s first Lumina experience, created by award-winning multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory. Beginning at 7.30pm after the Singapore Zoo animals retire for the day, Rainforest Lumina melds nature and technology to bring together an integrated multimedia experience with the latest in light, projection and audio technology serving as a perfect complement to the natural sights sounds and scents of the rainforest at night.

Belina Lee, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Mandai Park Holdings, said, “Rainforest Lumina was conceptualised to inspire people to value biodiversity in a new and novel way. Through the use of innovative technology and original music compositions, the day zoo is transformed into a magical rainforest by night, complete with a crew of charming virtual animals based on our living collection. This year, we’ve added new elements to further delight our guests and share our love for animal species and their habitats.”

The dazzling veneer of Rainforest Lumina espouses a deeper message—We Are One—befitting for Singapore Zoo which has, for over four decades, focused on protecting wildlife and conserving biodiversity alongside zoological partners, government organisations, field conservationists and researchers.

Under the management of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the teams at Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park have supported over 50 wildlife conservation projects across Southeast Asia—through research, funding and deploying our wildlife expertise for field work. The Zoo also regularly engages schools, communities, and businesses to join in and do their part to protect wildlife, ringing home the message that we are all connected.

Conveying this message that humans and nature are interconnected and each has a vital role to sustain life on earth, is Rainforest Lumina’s Creature Crew. This motley crew consists of eight virtual animals, with each representing a virtue that is reminiscent of its species. As visitors navigate the one-kilometre long trail, the Creature Crew appear in interactive storytelling elements where they work together to overcome challenges, bringing out the central theme of Rainforest Lumina— We Are One.

Maya the orangutan personifies creativity, representing the orangutan’s great intelligence. Waja the pangolin represents resilience, for its ability to curl up to defend itself from external threats. Colette & Casquette, the pair of hornbills embody teamwork and the hornbill’s signature breeding behaviour when raising their chicks. Visitors to Rainforest Lumina can identify themselves with any of the eight Creature Crew and the virtue it embodies by picking up a wristband and wearing it with pride through their whimsical journey. Aside from being a keepsake of the experience, the wristbands will be the key for guests to access the Wall of Fame, towards the end of their Rainforest Lumina journey.

Rainforest Lumina has incorporated key enhancements since it first launched in July 2018. Tairee the white tiger sets the tone for guests at the start of their journey at Treetops zone, with a catchy song and dance. Additional improvements include a refresh of the Water zone, where Bob the playful otter conducts orchestral music, in tandem with a thunderstorm simulated by mesmerising light rays that mimic raindrops.

Rainforest Lumina is a seasonal attraction which runs from 7.30pm – 12.00pm each night, with the last admission at 10.30pm. More information is available at www.rainforestlumina.sg.

Guests who purchase tickets online can enjoy a 10 per cent discount, while visitors to any of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s day parks—Jurong Bird Park, River Safari or Singapore Zoo—need only top up S$10 to complete their wildlife experience with Rainforest Lumina. 

Rainforest Lumina espouses a meaningful message –We Are One– that humans and nature are interconnected, and everyone has a vital part to play in maintaining the balance of the natural world. 


Don’t miss Bob the otter conducting orchestral music in tandem with a digital thunderstorm along Rainforest Lumina’s Water Zone, which was enhanced at the tail end of the first season. Bob is the representation of playfulness as part of Rainforest Lumina’s virtual Creature Crew.    


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