It’s hard to imagine a world without plastic when it’s so commonly used in everyday products. However, the impact of plastic usage is devastating for our environment and wildlife. Scientists warned that there will be more plastic waste in the sea than fish by 2050.

A non-biodegradable material, each disposed piece of plastic can take up to thousands of years to break down, polluting the land and sea. Over a million animals are killed each year due to plastic waste.

At Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), reducing plastic waste is one of our key areas of sustainability. We have embarked on a journey to reduce single-use plastics in our parks by replacing them with reusable items or converting them to alternative sustainable materials.

The dirt on plastic


8% of oil output

in the world is used to produce plastic.


50% of plastic products

are used only once and thrown away.


Plastic waste produced yearly

can circle the earth 4 times.


8 million tonnes

of plastic enter the oceans each year.

Our initiatives

Reducing bottled water campaign


Given how convenient it can be to simply grab a bottle off the shelf, it’s no surprise that bottled water purchase is the largest contributor of single-use plastic waste in our parks. To tackle this challenge, we partnered with ELO Living to create eco-friendly water sources throughout our parks.

Customised ELO Living water dispensers

Customised ELO Living water dispensers

Water dispensers are installed throughout our four parks so guests can fill their reusable water bottles for free.
Refillable water bottles

Refillable water bottles

BPA-free reusable water bottles are available at our park retail and F&B outlets for purchase.
Eco-friendly packaged water

Eco-friendly packaged water

As an alternative to single-use plastic bottled water, we offer water in eco-friendly packaging at our F&B outlets.

Reducing plastic bag waste


Plastic carrier bags are used and thrown away daily. To address this, we have stopped the distribution of free plastic carrier bags and also stocked eco-friendly bags at our retail and F&B outlets.

No plastic carrier bags given with purchases

No plastic carrier bags given with purchases

Guests can purchase eco-friendly, non-woven bags at our retail outlets and cornware bags at our F&B outlets for a nominal fee, if needed. Proceeds from the sale of these bags go towards aiding our wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

Learn more about our conservation projects.

Reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags

To encourage guests to adopt more sustainable shopping habits, specially designed ‘Go Green For Wildlife’ reusable shopping bags are available for purchase at our retail stores.

Going green at our F&B outlets


Our efforts to reduce plastic waste also extend to our F&B outlets:

  • We have gone straw-free at our F&B outlets. Paper straws are only provided upon request.
  • We are on a journey to convert our single-use plastics to eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Our staff play their part by bringing their own reusable cups and cutlery for takeaway beverages and meals.

Join us in going green!

It’s easy to reduce plastic waste in our lives. If each person were to stop using one single-use plastic bottle a day, we would collectively help to reduce plastic waste by two billion bottles a year in Singapore. Put simply, every action counts! Here’s how you can do your part.


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