Featuring an all-star cast of our most popular birds and rising scene stealers, the High Flyers presentation showcases their natural talents, breathtaking plumage and sharp-as-claws IQ.

Catch the friendly duel of parrots as they try to outdo each other with speed, agility and showmanship. Observe the habits of endangered hyacinth macaw Gaia, and great pied hornbill pals Sunny and Vicky as they fly freely in the wild. Marvel at the mimicking ability of Amigo, our yellow-naped Amazon Parrot, the only bird in the world that can sing in three languages.

And why not join in the action? Just raise your hand and you might be chosen to hold a knotted rope with goodies for the sun conures, our adorable pint-sized parrots.

For a mesmerising and unforgettable grand finale, witness one of the world’s biggest flock of birds swoop onto centre stage, a high-flying symphony of colours, sounds and energy.

To seal this one-of-a-kind memory, be sure to pose for a photo with our gorgeous pink flamingos after the presentation!


Presentation components/animal appearance are subject to changes. 

Presentations are available daily from 3 Nov 2022 to 3 Jan 2023.

Pools Amphitheatre
Pools Amphitheatre

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