Saving Edwards’s Pheasant

Iridescent blue with a red-masked face and white crest, the Edward’s pheasant cuts a striking figure. Unfortunately, its habitat has seen much strife and it was last spotted in the wild over 20 years ago! Viet Nature is striving to turn the tide with a multi-faceted action plan for the recovery of this bird.

Engaging the Local Community in Securing the Delacour’s Langur’s Future

One of the world’s most endangered primates, the future of the Delacour’s langur is hanging by a thread. Has the discovery of another wild population in Kim Bang forest in 2016 thrown a lifeline? The Centre for Nature Conservation and Development is doing all it can to secure a future for these fascinating langurs.

Owston’s Civet Conservation in Vietnam

We are a key supporter in Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s efforts to protect the Owston’s civet. Steps are being taken to implement the ex-situ conservation actions of the species recovery programme for this small carnivore threatened by uncontrolled snaring for illegal wild meat trade and habitat loss.

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