One of the key drivers of the loss of wildlife is man’s unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and the accompanying encroachment into wild habitats. We believe that our own survival and quality of life is intrinsically linked to the survival of the many species of plants and animals with which we share this Earth. Functioning ecosystems and biodiversity perform the essential services of providing us with clean air, water, food and shielding us from harmful diseases. Unsustainable consumption and development damage ecosystems, leading to climate change, which in turn reduces biodiversity and natural resources, and ultimately impacting human livelihoods and lives.  

As a wildlife conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of wildlife and their habitats, Mandai Park Holdings (MPH) advocates the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. We aspire to be climate positive – to fight climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases through our development and everyday operations.

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy guides us to incorporate sustainability principles in our daily operations and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that are pertinent to our business and operations. We strive to be climate positive through:

  • Resource Optimisation - Striving to make the most efficient use of resources
We aim to minimise carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency in daily operations, exploring the use of clean energy sources, and investing in waste and water treatment and sustainable mobility. We continuously seek out sustainable sources of goods and services that cause minimal harm to the planet and communities

  • Biodiversity Protection – Working to protect regional and local wildlife as part of our greater conservation goals.
As part of our broader regional and national conservation efforts, we work to protect and enhance wild habitats in the Mandai Precinct and within our parks so that wildlife continues to thrive. We look for innovative solutions to improve wildlife accessibility to these habitats and provide world-class care for rescued native wildlife. We preserve and protect native flora and fauna through sensitive construction and catalysing forest regeneration. Through in-house research and partnerships with distinguished academic and wildlife institutions, we promote robust knowledge sharing to better protect wildlife.
  • Integration with Surroundings - Designing parks that holistically and seamlessly integrate with the natural environment
The Mandai wildlife and nature destination is designed to be carbon efficient and naturally- inspired. The planned architectural and landscape features integrate with the natural environment to passively provide light, shade, ventilation, and thermal and visual comfort, with minimal carbon footprint.

  • Sustainability Advocacy – Championing sustainability best practices to inspire and enable positive, tangible outcomes beyond Mandai.
By uncompromisingly acting on our sustainability commitments we actively encourage and inspire our staff, guests and partners to adopt, and be ambassadors for, wildlife and environmentally friendly actions.
By working both internally within our operations and externally with our stakeholders, we believe that the action of many is greater than the sum of its parts, and together, we protect wildlife. 

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