Adventures of the African penguins

11th June 2020
For the first time in our history, the Zoo was closed to the public. But this also means the penguins could play in ways that weren’t possible before! Join them in their explorations and mini-escapades.
First Adventure
Where are we going?
Time for a Wefie
Will you guys at the back look in the camera please?
Sea Lion Faceoff
Are you saying they eat us in the wild? No way...
A Narrow Escape
Hush now. Let's just get out of here while their backs are turned.
Private Playground
The boss tells us we have the place to ourselves. Nice!
Echo Hall
What's this? Hellooooo? Anyone out there? *echo* *echo* *echo*
Time Out
Catching a breather before heading back. See you around!
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