Giraffes Sail In From India

30th September 2021
Two young Rothschild’s giraffes Adhil and Balaji arrived at Singapore Zoo in May 2021. Hailing from India’s Mysuru Zoo, they will be part of the EAZA Ex-situ Programme (EEP). The EEP is a Managed Species Programme under the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). It aims to maintain healthy and sustainable populations of animals under human care for both conservation and educational purposes. Fewer than 2,000 Rothschild’s giraffes are currently left in the wild.

Tall Order

Transporting the world’s tallest animals is a tall order. Already 1.8m at birth, giraffes may grow to be 2.5m by their first month. Zoos rarely transport giraffes above two years of age and only those 3.5m or shorter can clear the height limit for air cargo.
When Mysuru Zoo confirmed they could send us two giraffe calves, we had to time the journey with their growth while navigating Covid-19 travel restrictions. Eventually, we decided to transport them here by sea.  

Smooth Integration

Conditioning to the exhibit

27 Aug 2021

Adhil and Balaji were introduced to our resident father-and-son duo, Marco and Jubilee. The current giraffe exhibit has ample space for the four, and the Care Team has added additional water troughs and salt lick blocks in preparation of their debut. Both giraffes have since settled in well.

Completion of quarantine period

26 Aug 2021

Adhil and Balaji observed a three-month quarantine under the watchful eye of the Giraffe Care Team. The calves were given a daily diet of hay, herbivore pellets and leaves of starfruit, jackfruit and acacia.

Arrival in Singapore

26 May 2021

1 day of overland travel. 7 days at sea. Thanks to careful planning by the team, the giraffes arrived safe and sound at Singapore Zoo.

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