Our role in conservation

As a world-leading zoological institution, we contribute to the conservation of biodiversity through a number of initiatives, including local and regional conservation support, wildlife research, and awareness campaigns to combat major threats such as the illegal wildlife trade. This conservation action was achieved locally across the past decade with support from the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund (WRSCF), which is now under the umbrella of Mandai Nature, a non-profit entity established by Temasek and Mandai Park Holdings.

Projects supported

Regional Conservation Support

We are proud to contribute to the protection of threatened species in their native habitats by funding regional conservation and research projects. We are keen to support: (a) Projects that have a direct and positive impact on the survival of a threatened species in the wild; (b) Research that can help develop better tools and strategies for the management of captive wild animal populations; (c) Studies that will benefit conservation strategy planning for species in their native habitats; and (d) Efforts that encourage and foster sustainable and ethical behaviours towards animals and nature through engaging and innovative conservation out-reach programs.
Regional conservation support for projects outside Singapore

Regional conservation support for projects outside Singapore

Southeast Asia is an important biodiversity hotspot in need of sustainable conservation efforts. We have supported numerous projects in the region through funding on-ground projects, as well as capacity building workshops.

Our strategic conservation partners

To achieve the best possible conservation outcomes, we collaborate with like-minded organisations such as other zoos, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government agencies, academic institutions and nature interest groups. Some of our partners are: