Our camps are perfect for students to get out and enjoy self-learning opportunities, team-bonding activities as well as unique insights into wildlife.



Secondary & Above




Local MOE schools such as but not limited to Primary, Secondary, ITE, Junior Colleges:
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Local preschools such as but not limited to My First Skools, Little Skool House & PCF preschools:
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Other schools not indicated:
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A camp packing list will be given to the liaising officer from the school upon confirmation of the camp with us

  • For safety and comfort, students are recommended to wear covered shoes and to dress comfortably
  • More details will be sent to the liaising officer from the school in a form of camping list that will include 'What to wear' upon booking confirmation of the camp with us
  • Participants will only visit the park that are included in the camp itinerary

  • Wet weather plans have been planned ahead by the Camp ICs
  • The affected outdoor programme will be replaced with an indoor programme by the Camp ICs

    The maximum number of participants is 80 for Singapore Zoo, whilst the maximum number of participants is 60 for River Wonders.


  • We do not provide transportation services
  • School is to arrange their own transport to the parks

    Yes, an alternative sheltered indoor sleeping venue will be available for the school.

  • School is not required to bring any tents, as tents will be provided to our campers
  • For hygiene purposes, we do not provide sleeping bags. The school is to make sure that the students bring along their own sleeping bags
  • Safari beds will be provided for the teachers

    Yes, all meals are specially prepared for by our own in-house chefs, and set up by our own banquet team.

    No, however, the ingredients utilized are sourced from halal-certified suppliers.

    Yes, a menu will be provided to the school to choose before the camp

    Yes, we are able to provide meals for students with special dietary requirements. The school is to provide all details upon submission of the list of participants prior to the camp for the meals to be prepared accordingly


    Yes, all of our Camp ICs and AICs are first aid certified.

    Yes, our facilitators are equipped with basic first aid skills.

  • Our Camp ICs will brief all participants on the safety and emergency procedures upon arrival at the 'camp base'
  • In case of emergencies, our staff is trained to handle the situations accordingly. Please be calm at all times if such a situation ever arises.
  • The nearest hospital is Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
  • It is an approximate 15 minutes' drive from Mandai
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