Open your eyes to the special skills and important roles that domesticated animals play in our lives in our Animal Friends presentation.

Many of our animals were once abandoned pets. Now, they make a difference by inspiring people every day to love and care for all animals with whom we share our forests as well as our homes. Catch the classic cat-and-mouse escapades that you usually see in cartoons come to life. See how a dog’s acute sense of smell comes to the rescue and discover who’s capable of gravity-defying jumps.

Meet Benji and Buddy the golden retrievers, Katie and George of the snow-white Japanese Spitz breed as well as Hope, a Singapore Special — the oldest dog on the presentation. Besides the dogs, you’ll also meet birds, mice and cats, many of them rescued and adopted. Prepare to be wowed by their intelligence and agility. Who knows, you might get the chance to join our animal friends on stage.

With plenty of laughs guaranteed, this presentation demonstrates how we can all get along — even cats and mice, and cats and dogs. Most of all, these domesticated performers inspire us to love and care for all animals — be it in the wild or within our own homes.

If you really want to show your love for our four-legged stars, feel free to pat and snap a photo with them after the presentation!

Presentation Times
(Weather permitting)
Rainforest KidzWorld Amphitheatre
Rainforest KidzWorld Amphitheatre

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