Our first baby panda, Le Le

Last updated: 9th March 2022
On the morning of 14 August 2021, our first baby panda was born to our female giant panda Jia Jia. It was her first pregnancy and the birth of a cub is a significant milestone in the care of the giant panda in Singapore. The cub was named Le Le when it received the majority of votes in an online poll. The word “Le” comes from “Shi Le Po”, an ancient Chinese name for Singapore.

Latest on Le Le

Coco-NUTS about Le Le!

We're just coco-NUTS about Le Le!

Le Le's Playtime

What time is it? Le Le's playtime!

Le Le's Growing Up Moments

Le Le's Favourite Toy!

Playtime is an all-important part of Le Le's day. His keepers introduce him to climbing logs and various toys throughout the week, strategically-placed to encourage him to explore his environment and improve his strength and motor skills at the same time!

Clumsy Le Le

Panda cubs start to walk steadily and can climb trees at 6 months! As Le Le continues to grow, he will strengthen his motor skills and take steadier steps in the weeks to come!

Learning from Mum

Le Le has been watching and mimicking Jia Jia bamboo-eating actions. At almost six months of age, our little one started to munch on bamboo shoots. Once Le Le develops his first set of teeth fully, he will be able to chew through tough bamboo.

Meet the family

Come visit Le Le and his family at Giant Panda Forest.
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