It is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore's ongoing efforts to conceptualise initiatives to effectively protect and conserve endangered wildlife. If your organisation is looking to partner us on this cause, we invite you to join us in our wildlife conservation and educational efforts. You can join us through the adoption of an animal or exhibit, presenting our show, or sponsoring activities organised by our parks.

Adopt and sponsorship of an animal, exhibit or show

Through the adoption, you and your organisation would be making a meaningful contribution towards the animal care and conservation in our parks. You may choose an adoptee that holds a special significance to your organisation. In appreciation of your valuable partnership, your organisation will also receive unique benefits and privileges to further the cause within your organisation.

How your contribution helps

Your partnership will go towards ensuring that our animals receive proper nutrition, and contribute to their overall well-being.

Your contribution helps us create a home within our parks that’s as close to their natural habitats as possible.

Around the world, we support habitat enrichment programmes to protect endangered species. With your contribution, you will play a part in this support.

Part of your contribution goes towards education programmes to garner the public’s support for conservation efforts.

Adopter privileges

Receive up to five transferable adoption cards for complimentary admission to the respective parks for one year. 

We will hold a special adoption ceremony to commemorate your organisation’s support for wildlife conservation and education.

Enjoy discounts at our dining outlets, as well as unique dining experiences at our parks.

Host a special event at the park once a year, with our compliments.

Be an adopter or sponsor today

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